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Kearny Code – 1846

Kearny Code of Laws Letter of General Kearny to the Adjutant General.Headquarters, Army of the West, Santa Fe, New Mexico September 22, 1846. Sir: – I enclose herewith a copy of the laws prepared for the government of the territory of New Mexico, and a list of appointments to civil offices in the territory, both […]

State Seal of New Mexico

New Mexico’s first Territorial Seal was designed in 1851, shortly after the United States’ acquisition due to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. While there is no record of the original Territorial Seal – which according to the New Mexico Secretary of State may be encapsulated in the Soldier’s Monument on the Santa Fe Plaza – […]

Alexander Doniphan

The name Alexander Doniphan isn’t well known to the average New Mexican. I don’t remember hearing it when I took New Mexico history in fifth grade, nor do I remember it during New Mexico history at University. Nobody really speaks of him today. Nevertheless, we largely owe to Colonel Doniphan the foundation of most New […]